Impact of Agency Banking On Financial Inclusion in Nepalese Commercial Bank

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Surendra Mahato, Joginder Goet


The purpose of the study is to examine the influence of agency banking services on financial inclusion of Nepalese commercial banks. A well-structured questionnaire was developed to collect data from 252 respondents using convenience sampling technique. Data analysis was done using SPSS and Microsoft Excel to generate quantitative reports. Mean, standard deviation, correlation and regression analysis have been used to diagnose data collected. The result revealed that there is a significant influence of ATM Banking, mobile banking (MB), POS banking and IPS on financial inclusion in Nepalese commercial banks. Furthermore, POS has the strong impact on financial inclusion and ATM has the least influence on the financial inclusion. The practical implications are transparent for the practitioners in Nepalese commercial banks since the agency banking help satisfy the customers. The originality lies in the article claiming that in order to achieve successful financial inclusion strategies, the implementation of good agency banking must be complemented.

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