Digital India towards Digital Banking a focus on Customer Perception in selected Banks of Nagapattinam District. Tamilnadu

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Dr. P.Priyanga


The study highlights the customer perception towards E-banking services and service quality of two prime banks in different sectors. The study was conducted in Nagapattinam district of Tamilnadu with 250 respondents in each bank was selected for the study. Respondents were surveyed on demographic traits and dimensions of service quality to compare the quality of service between the banks. The study is an empirical survey of bank clients. E-banking necessity was analysed through newly introduced products of the banks. The study concluded with a positive impact on e-services and some immediate action on factors by the banks of customer interest. Respondents concern with E banking services was to have a safe and secured banking. At present the banking sector lacks in providing a secured banking function to its customers due to the present threat it faces from the hackers. 

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