Looking at the impact of Pandemic on Educational Priorities: from delivery modes to Curriculum

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Dr.Inderpreet Kaur,Dr.Meenu Singh


Purpose – The paper seeks to reflect on the role of the concepts of digital practices in the present scenario of educational priorities from delivery modes to curriculum and future work during the lockdown period as a impact of COVID-19 on education. The objective  is to explore some of digital concepts and link them to increase the connectivity which they have in the globalised era  in the field  of educational priorities. This reflection is based on the context of a set of present and future thinking educational practices from delivery to learning based outcomes.

Design/methodology/approach – The paper is a conceptual analysis.

Findings: Ideas always have implications and can be surveyed on the basis of the ability as how to create social and personal resilience characterized by change, complexity and vulnerability.

Research limitations/implications –Researchers express and explain their own way of thinking, by reflecting on the ideas they conceive and the systematic approach towards various levels in the society.

Originality/value – The paper exhibits a reason for arranging move in the direction of the more extensive social objective of strength through an extended energy about how ideas advise procedure and structure meaning and making the system work without any issues resulting in smooth educational practices for effective learning.

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