Applying the supervisory control system and data acquisition (SCADA) to monitor production processes in Baghdad soft drinks company

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Batool Attia Kalaf, Ahmed Qasim Abed AL badrawi


The research aims to apply the SCADA system to monitor production processes in Baghdad Soft Drinks Company, specifically the Dijla plant, cans production line (250 ML) to implement the system. The Baghdad Company’s choice to implement the system came because the company has the infrastructure to implement the system as it has the first level of sensors and controllers related to the operations and also The second level of the PLC (Programmable Logical Controller) that collects data from the sensors and controls the operations in the production line, the DIA View SCADA program (2019) was used to create a monitoring screen and control the production processes, and the important production processes in the company were controlled. In the juice preparation phase and the centrally filled phase, the system was not limited to monitoring the equipment, ambient conditions and system parameters (temperature, pressure, level, etc.), but also exceeded the control of the production quantities of production processes accurately (the amount of sugar and water) to reach the highest efficiency and use the company's resources at the best level, including waste in the raw materials.

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