Information And Communication Technology (Ict): A Tool For Transforming Higher Education In India

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Priyanka Singh , Shekhar Saroj and Dr. Rajesh Kumar Shastri


In order to develop 21stcentury, technology takes an important place in society. People of new generation can’t imagine their life without growing new technological devices.  It has established its hegemony in every sphere of human being and the field of education is also not untouched by this. Information and communication technology (ICT) is an important component of it.For the development of any country, higher education plays an important role. Higher education ought to raise the multifaceted improvement of HR (human resources) by advancing the knowledge enabled population that will bring, harmony, socio economic and societal progress. Implementation of ICT is an asset for educational reform agenda, in most of developing countries. One of the most feasible ways to transform higher education in India is to use information and communication technology (ICT) in Education. In this paper, we discussed how the ICT help to promote and transform the higher education in India.

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