Negotiating of Existentialism in Raj Kamal Jha’s novel The Blue Bedspread

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Indian English Novels is emblematized the multifarious civilizations of India. It also focuses on the quest for the existence of the individual. Oriental panorama, and scattering, Apart from this, it also dealt with the postcolonial apple of discord, national ramification, the discourses around the geography of India.  

The main concern of existentialism is to liberate, creative, and sovereignty of man. It also reflects the dogma of the human revolution for the existence of man in society. Existentialism disaffirms the complete unconditional idealism as well.    

The present paper will unveil the negotiating of existentialism in Raj Kamal Jha’s The Blue Bedspread (1999) this novel dealt with the various issues of India such as the quest for existentialism. The narrator of the novel supposes to rejoice in the disgruntled life in society due to his own misapprehension; His life is supposed absurd and humdrum as well. Thus, the circumstances disseminate the burning question of existentialism for the narrator. The present narrative will interrogate from the postcolonial theoretical prospect.

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