Women's Career Success in Pakistan: Does Hijab Matter?

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Dr. Noreen Saher, Ms. Anum Awan, Ms. Tasmia Matloob, Ms. Ameeema Malik, Ms. Mishayam Wajid


Quite opposite to the former trends, the issue of career success has become vital for women in Pakistan and there is a reasonable amount of scholarship available on the career growth of women in various sectors of Pakistan. The literature has also highlighted the popularity of wearing hijab among Pakistani working women as per the emerging international trends due to the controversies surrounding Islamophobia. Despite the presence of a fair number of women wearing hijab in the local organization, this issue has been overlooked in research and no published research is available on it. Consistently, this paper reduces the knowledge gap for Pakistan, a country under represented in the discourse on career and supports the calls for contextualizing knowledge.

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