Technology in Action: Perceptions & Practices of Students in Using Online Language Learning Material at Higher Education Level

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Dr. Akifa Imtiaz, Saima Umer, Yasmin Akhtar


The aim of the present study is to investigate students’ perceptions and practices at the higher education level concerning the use of online language learning materials for learning purposes. It is an explorative study conducted on students (n = 150) from two Public Sector universities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad where the use of online helping language material as part of the pedagogy environment has been implemented. The research is quantitative in nature employing Xu (2007) theoretical framework along with SPSS (version 21) to assess the main benefits and constraints about students’ use of online language learning material out of class as part of their in-class assessment. A questionnaire is designed based on the hypotheses to explore how far students at higher education level consider the use of online helping material useful in enhancing their language learning skills. The findings of the present research reflect that the students have a positive perception of the use of online language learning material which has an impact on their learning practices. Moreover, as results depict the use of online helping material is beneficial in developing students’ language learning skills at the higher education level. However, certain constraints like network speed, internet connection and understanding language at times hinder their learning but these can be somehow to some extent overcome and catered to with teachers’ help and guidance. Moreover, the use of technology is an innovation reflecting a transition from a traditional teacher-centred to a learner-centred environment that is ultimately beneficial for both teaching and learning experiences, particularly, in this post-modern digitized world of information.

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