Determinants of Disorderliness among the University Students

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Dr. Faiz ul Hassan Shah, Misbah Noor, Abdul Ahad Roshan Saeed


Matter of disorderliness among the university students is at brisk. Being Disorderly or disruptivenot only leads to bad effect on the teaching-learning process but also shake the strength of the social order. For setting up the most appropriate policies and strategies to bring discipline back, there is need of making a list of disorderliness occurring in University with determinants that contributes to students’ Disorderliness. The purpose of this study was to explore and compare the perceptions of stakeholders regarding the cases of Disorderliness and their determinants among the students. 150 teachers and 400 students were selected from Gomal University D.I.Khan. Afive point rating scale were used for data collection.  The rating scales were used after validity, pilot study and reliability assurance. The descriptive and t- Distribution was applied to analyze the data at 0.05 level of significance. SPSS (20) was used for analysis of data. On the bases of findings, it was concluded that numerous cases of Disorderliness exist among the students and variables used in the tool found to be the determinants of Disorderliness among the students as perceived by the stakeholders with no significant difference in their perceptions.

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