Parents' Participation in School and Its Impact on Student Achievement in Mathematics

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Younis Fareed Abu Alhaija , Yousef Methkal Abd Algani ,


This research aims to examine the impact of parents' participation on student achievement in mathematics and shed particular light on the patterns of parents' involvement with the school and its effects on the student's performance level. The research also aims to uncover factors affecting parents' participation or non-participation in school and clarify factors affecting students' achievement. In this light, researchers conducted quantitative research using three types of questionnaires: The first is for the student, the second is for the parents, and the third is for the teacher so that the credibility and consistency of each of the three questionnaires were calculated. The research involved 320 participants; 135 were in the sixth grade, 135 were the guardians of the students involved, and 50 were teachers. The study was conducted in Arab primary schools in Israel in the 2018-2019 school year. Results have shown that the rate of parents' partnership in decision-making increases as parents have a higher level of education. Above-average trust between parents and teachers has also emerged. Parents' participation in school is mainly reflected in how parents follow up with their children's schooling. The research results have shown that there is a statistically significant relationship between parent participation with the school and student achievement

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