The Effect of Mental Maps ' Using on the Development of Artistic Aspects for the Students of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Wasit

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The current study aims at developing the art aspects of the Fine Arts students- Wasit University through the use of mind maps in analysing the works of Art in terms of its historical, philosophical and art analyses elements, and exploring the student abilities to use mind mapping elements in analysing works of art and absorbing in showing the maximum ability to analyse, branch out and think over the constituents of the work of art to be analysed.

To achieve this goal the researcher made an experiment by defining a research sample comprising 40 female and male students from the Art Education dept.- Faculty of Fine Arts- Wasit University, as well as, giving lectures on the mind maps teaching methods and techniques, the experiment involved also defining goals-teaching strategies-timetable and the subjects, in addition to, directing students to produce mind maps (the research sample).

Then the researcher presented these mind maps to gudges.

The results showed statistical significance differences between the pre and post performance of the research sample students (males and females) in favour of the post performance.

The research main recommendations involved conducting further theoretical and practical studies and researches based on using mind maps to find the extent of its effectiveness in developing thinking and learning skills and its impact on practising the different creative activities in teaching art.

The researcher also recommended specialised workshops to be set up to train Art Education teachers on the mind maps structuring steps and using them in art teaching.

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