The Effect of Economic Globalization Indicators on the Human Development Index: A Case Study of Iraq for the Period (2004-2019)

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Researcher. Khalid. R. Awad, et. al.


This research aims to measure and analyze the impact of economic globalization on the human development index in Iraq for the period (2004-2019) through the use of modern econometric methods represented by the error correction model for distributed slowdown periods (ARDL), so this research came for the purpose of knowing to what extent it can contribute Economic globalization in achieving the human development index in the Iraqi economy, especially since the Iraqi economy began applying the market mechanism and economic freedom after 2003, So this research came for the purpose of knowing these tools to apply them to the Iraqi economy in the future to reduce dependence on the oil sector, and the results of the research showed a positive and moral relationship between the human development index and the variables of economic globalization during the study period, and this matter indicates that Iraq is moving in the right direction that contributes In achieving the requirements of human development despite the fluctuation of the results of this sector.

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