Family relations and the changes that occurred to them: (an anthropological study in the city of Baghdad - Al-Kasra region)

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Dr. Mohammed jameel Ahmed


The change in the anthropological and social concept is one of the natural phenomena that occur in all societies, and the change leads to structural changes in the general order of any society, whether they are changes from the outside or the inside, and then we see these changes in the social reality through behaviour, dealings and daily interactions that affect Like the prevailing system, and Iraqi society is one of the societies that has been greatly affected by several variables, including wars, economic crises and continuous political changes, which led to negative repercussions for the most part. For society, especially after the year (2003) and what the Iraqi society witnessed of the great and dangerous transformations at the political level and the transition of the ruling system from a central system to a democratic system and the economic system from a socialist system to a market economy system or (the capitalist system) as well as the information revolution that affected in general In all aspects of life, we have noticed this matter in the influence of social networks on the nature of family relationships In it, it became formal, and the family moved away from many of its prevailing obligations that were characterized by cohesion and interdependence and turned to superficial relationships with a (beneficial) dimension, especially between relatives as well as close friends and at the level of social relations between the general population.

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