An Investigation of Factors Influencing Physics Teachersí Intention to Use Virtual Laboratory at the International Schools in Amman

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Afaf Abdulhakeem Abukishk, Sani Alkhasawneh


The study investigates the factors that affect the intention of using the virtual labs in teaching physics, including the TPACK and teacher self-efficacy, for physics teachers who need to be able to teach physics using the virtual labs in the Jordanian context, a descriptive-survey research methodology was conducted with 101 physics teachers who teach physics in the international schools. The findings of the study analysis demonstrated in four main results. (1)Physics teachers TPACK will have a positive effect on teacher self-efficacy, (2) Physics teachers TPACK will have a positive influenced perceived ease of using virtual labs,(3) Physics Teachers TPACK and perceived ease of use (PEOU) will have a positive effect on the perceived usefulness of technology (PU) and (4) The researcher found that Physics teachers TPACK, teacher self-efficacy, perceived ease of use, and perceived usefulness of technology will affect intention to use technology.

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