“Consumer Perception on Digital Payment Mode- A Study in Guwahati City”

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Priyanka Sharma


Digital payment is one of the ways of making payment via online modes. This mode of payment became more prominent after the announcement of demonetization by the honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on 8th November, 2016. Digital payment do not involves hard cash and the entire transaction between the two parties i.e. payer and the payee is possible through digital modes and hence it is also called electronic payment.The present paper tries to highlight consumer perception on digital payment mode- a study in Guwahati city and the researcher has made use of both primary and secondary data.The primary data were collected through a well framed questionnaire given to 50 respondents in the city.The secondary sources were collected from various websites, news articles,magazines etc.The analysis of data has been done on the basis of various criteria’s viz awareness of digital payment based on the gender and occupation of the respondents, usage of digital payment mode based on the age of the respondents,  most preferred digital mode, satisfaction of the users towards the usage of E-wallet services based on the age of the respondents, money loaded in E-wallet on a monthly basis based on the occupation of the digital payment users, purpose of using E-wallet , preference of E-wallet based on the influencing factors etc.The paper present its various findings and also provides certain suggestions to make the digital payment mode an easier one.

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