Analyzing the Mutual Impact between Accounting Profit and Stock Returns for Joint Stock Companies Registered in Baghdad Stock Exchange

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Layla Naji Alfatlawi, Dr. Nada Kaki Bira


The research aims to test the two characteristics of the relationship between accounting profits and the stock returns, to find out the suitability of both of them in explaining the relationship between accounting profits and stock returns for joint stock companies registered in the Baghdad Stock Exchange, also aims to reaching the most appropriate specification for the relationship between the two variables of the company’s stock dealing in the Baghdad Stock Exchange, and get a set of results, the most important of which are: the ability of changing for both of these variables in the profits share and the stock level of the profits does not explain more than 9,9% of the market returns of the Iraqi Joint Stock Companies registered in the Baghdad Stock Exchange, and the ability of changing of each variable in the stock share of profits explain the market returns of stocks which makes the matter of determining the variable explain the returns are possible or at least characterized by a certain degree of difficulty, the research concluded a set of recommendations, the most important are: the results of this study should be dealt with a kind of caution due to the small size of the market and the sample size in addition to the abnormal circumstances that falls under the Iraqi economy, not to mention the low efficiency of the market compared to the developed financial markets and also to repeat conducting such a study on other companies to verify the results concluded, especially with regard to the impact in the size of the companies.

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