Dementia Patient Tracking and Monitoring System

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G. Durgadevi, T. Saravanan, Dr. N. Senthil Kumar, V. S. Subeeksha


This paper presents a low-cost Dementia patient tracking device implementing GPS module for real-time monitoring and focusing on the reduction of burden on the caregivers. As our focus is Dementia, specific vital parameters monitoring were taken into account so that they give flexibility and peace of mind to the caregivers. This system has a wearable transceiver that monitors the distance of the patient from the caregiver and alerts the caregiver upon reaching the threshold. Tracking the patient beyond the threshold alert is done with the GPS module. The MEMS unit of the device performs fall detection of the patient. When a fall is detected an alert is sent to the caregiver and emergency contacts via GSM. Two vital health parameters, blood pressure and temperature of the patient are monitored and intimated to the caregiver for crucial values through GSM. The dementia population in India accounts to 3.7 million in 2020. This is expected to reach 6 million by 2040.

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