A Smart Safety Gadget to Provide Protection for Women

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Parthiban.P, Dr. Durgadevi.G, S. Kabilavathani, Deepa.V


In the current situation the wellbeing of ladies has become a significant issue. The main idea frequenting each young lady is once they will be prepared to move uninhibitedly on the roads even in odd hours unafraid about their security. So, technology is being used here in creating an effective solution for it. Though the government has undertaken various measures for this issue, there is still a major lacking in the process. This paper describes about providing a better and effective solution for the security of women in their day-to-day life progress by using a hardware device. When the heartbeat rate exceeds the given threshold level it immediately turns ON the AI Camera to check the surroundings and also recognizes the facial expression of the victim at that time and also it can track a location via GPS and send SMS of the victim place to the police control room and registered persons via GSM. The Sound Detector is used to convert a voice signal into text message to the registered persons and police control room.

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