Test-Retest Reliability of Psychographic Self-Evaluation Questionnaire (PSEQ)

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M. Khalid Shaikh et al.


The objective of this research was to determine the test-retest reliability of Psychographic self-evaluation questionnaire designed for forming teams of Software Engineering students for undertaking the final year projects. The participants (n=100) of this research received the questionnaire whilst seated during a class lecture; respondents were retested on the same questionnaire 7weekslater. The participants were the students of semester 7 that had started their final year project in Jan 2019. Cohen's kappa value was computed for 27 questions (selected using the factor analysisfrom out of 128 total questions), responses of which were recoded into trichotomies variables. Response rate was 100% for both the test and retest questionnaire. For the 27 individual questionnaire items, the range of k value was 0.65-0.90 (P < 0.01). The test-retest reliability of individual items was found to be high, suggesting that responses of the students were stable over the brief period of time on Psychographic self-evaluation questionnaire.

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