Race, Class and Classics in Age of Iron by John Maxwell Coetzee

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Dr. Kaushal Kishore Sharma, Ms. Kavya Shrimali


John Maxwell Coetzee is one of the most influential and distinguished writers in the modern world. Known for analytical brilliance andsubtle precision in his fiction   to expose the  horrors of apartheid  in  South Africa  via  universal  characters  ,unnamed settings  and unique  narrative style Coetzee ‘s novels deal with themes  of exploitation,violence,racism,desire , remorse, shame, injustice, cruelty  and empathy. Amongst many of J M Coetzee’s masterpieces Age of Iron too deals with similar themes in its own peculiar way. The present paper will focus on the themes of race class and classics in the novel tounearth variousperspectives intending to give a meaningful insight   about the work.

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