Secure Biometric-Based Authentication For Multi-Level Authentication Cloud Computing

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Sudhakar Godi, et. al.


In a wired network, security protocols such as encryption, authentication, and other methods are recognized as standards by the industry. Even so, there seems to be no data given mostly on financial impact of integrating such procedures in a wireless connection. Moreover, there is just no assessment of how effectively a wireless communication interacts along with conventional security mechanisms like firewalls, authentication, or encryption. Any protection policy's effectiveness is measured by whether or not it is actionable and with what price. Previous analysis has focused on network security enforcement methods, but the impact of protection "cost" on efficiency but administration is still hasn’t been assessed. Objectives of the analysis are to recognize security and achievement problems in wireless devices, as well as flaws in IEEE 802.11 WLAN service.  A test plan was set up to determine current security solutions including its impacts on network performance for measuring the influence of security on performance. The file transfer protocol along with the hypertext transfer protocol is the two widely used data transfer protocols that were tested in accordance with various security mechanisms. For the different implementation protocols, this study quantified critical output variables such as response time and throughput.


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