Organizational Commitment Scale: Translation and Validation in Pakistani Culture

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Dr. Asma Sikandar et al.


Current study aimed to translate and validate the English version of organizational commitment scale developed by Cevat Celep (2000) in to Urdu language and to establish its validity in Pakistani culture. Study was carried out in two stages. In first stage the scale was translated into Urdu language, then translated version was validated by using sample of (n=521) participants. Sample was taken from various organizations through convenient sampling technique. Sample includes both genders from various organizations including bank employees, nurses and university teachers. Software AMOS was used for Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). Cronbach’s alpha was (0.80). Model fit values for some prominent fit indices was: RMSEA 0.08, GFI, TLI, CFI and NFI 0.92, 0.92 0.95 and 0.94 respectively. Moreover, no significant differences were found in regard to employees’ occupation and gender on organizational commitment scale. Overall the study will contribute as an addition in the valid measures of organizational commitment.

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