Critical Discourse Analysis on speech of Imran khan in Mingora, Swat, Pakistan

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Rafique Ahmed Lakhan et al.


The purpose of this research article is to find out what is the influence of speech of Imran khan on the people of Faisalabad. To evaluate the reaction of people towards the speeches of Imran khan that how and why he became too famous among the new generation and even half of the population of Pakistan. It was predicted that his speeches are having too much influence and strong power on the people of Faisalabad. The basic purpose in this research is to find out  that why Imran khan is popular among the one group of people like educated and adult ones and moreover, why he is not prominent among the other group of people like uneducated and old ones. This research will also mention on different phrases, words, and statements, which are frequently uttered by Imran khan during his speeches and criticality will analyze the importance of his speeches. In this research the researcher use primary source in which he takes interviews and questioner from people in order to check his hypotheses and use qualitative method. Results reveal that the educated people are in favour of Imran khan according to them the words, phrases and statements which are uttered by Imran khan during speech has motivated and provoked them. On the other hand the researcher find that uneducated people are not in the favour of Imran khan because they think that the speech of Imran khan has no logic and reason to lead Nation towards progress and prosperity.

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