Relationship between School Climate with Teachers' Motivation and Self Esteem at Elementary Level

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Dr. Hina Munir, et. al.


Present study aim was to investigate elementary level students and relationship of school environment on educators' inspiration and confidence. Self-responsibility, Living consciously, Self-assertiveness, Self-acceptance, Living purposefully, Work and scholarly incitement, Altruism, authority and initiative, Self-assessment, individual and expert turn of events, Career change and working conditions, Nature of work, Life fit and impact of others, Open environment and shut environment were the key factors shrouded in this exploration. This research objectives were to scrutinize the climate of school and its relationship with motivation, Self-esteem of public sector teachers from elementary level and their relationship with school climate. Government elementary schools in Multan District Multan were included in the population of this investigation. Sample of this investigation was comprised of 55 heads and 450 teachers. This investigation was designed on elementary schools in Multan District. A questionnaire was developing for the purposes of data collection.450 questionnaire were distributed in teachers and 55 questionnaires were distributed amongst school heads. 298 questionnaires were returned back. Five Likert scales was used in questionnaire, after the mean, standard deviation, frequency and percentage ANOVA, T-test and correlation were functional to analyze the views of teachers and heads, the findings reveal that.

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