Effectiveness of Leadership Styles, Motivation Factors and Performance Appraisal towards Teachers’ Job Satisfaction at Secondary Level

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Fozia Sabir, Fauzi Hussin


The Pakistan education is altering in a self-motivated comportment and knowledge in the improvement of agreement with the modification of globalization. In modern era teacher no longer purely teach exacting theme in the classroom but with the determinant of indicators that enhance the job satisfaction. The objective of this paper is to investigate the effect of leadership styles, motivational factors and performance appraisal on job satisfaction. The population of the study was public secondary school teachers whereas, 457 respondents were selected as sample through stratified random sampling technique. The study was cross sectional based on quantitative research design. The data was collected through standardized questionnaires by using survey method. Smart PLS was computed in order to assess the proposed hypothesis in this study. The findings of this research revealed that teachers are moderately satisfied with their job. Furthermore, there was a positive and significant effect of leadership styles, motivation factors and performance appraisal on job satisfaction. The study is beneficial to adopt the new techniques and strategies for the development of secondary education.

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