Attribution-Awareness-Acceptance: A Phenomenological Sketch of LET Non-Passers' Comportment

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Remedios C. Bacus, Rivika C. Alda, James Luresh Un


High-stakes examinations, such as the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), are used to make significant decisions. Aspiring teachers must first obtain their license to teach before they can advance their career as a teacher. This phenomenological study explored the lived experiences of LET non-passers with the view of acquiring an undistorted description and profound understanding of the ways the condition appear thereby contributing to the increased awareness and sensitivity to their unique experiences. Using Husserl's descriptive phenomenological investigation approach and Colaizzi's strategy of data analysis, LET non-passers' accounts were explored. The findings revealed three (3) emerging themes/phases of experiences- Attribution (of the cause to certain factors), Awareness (of the feelings) and Acceptance (of the situation). The unique experiences of the test takers contribute to the different pace in trudging from one phase to the other. It is therefore imperative that utmost regard is extended to them as they undergo these phases in their lives.

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