Role of Parental Acceptance in Mediating the Effect of Family Functioning on the Social–Emotional Abilities of Special Needs Children

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Putri Eka Siagian, Frieda Maryam Mangunsong


In families with special needs children, the parentchild bond is built through parental acceptance. For the various phases that lead to the acceptance of the childs condition, a healthy, functioning family is required. Moreover, healthy functioning of the family empowers parents to overcome the challenges in taking care of their special needs children. This study examines the role of parental acceptance in mediating the effect of family functioning on the socialemotional competence of special needs children. The participants were 291 parents of elementary-school-aged children with special needs. The results indicated that the relationship between family function, parental acceptance, and socialemotional competence of special needs children is affected by other factors, such as parenting style.

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