Validity of the Situntas Learning Model to Improve Conceptual Understandings

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Anggraini, Maxinus Jaeng, Sutji Rochaminah


This study aims to describe the validity of the SITUNTAS learning model to improve conceptual understanding abut the Group among the students of the Mathematics Education program. This descriptive study involved the students of the department who took the Algebra Structure course. Data were collected using the worksheets for content and construct validity of the learning model. Validation was performed by the experts in the Focused Group Discussion.  Data were analyzed using descriptive analysis of percentage. This study found that the content validity score of the model was 91.18% and the construct validity was 87.86%. Both scores are categorized as very valid. In conclusion, the SITUNTAS learning model is very valid to improve conceptual understanding of the Group among the students of Mathematics Education, especially in the algebraic structure course.

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