The Extent of National Libraries Interest in Marketing Knowledge and Information from Students' Viewpoints

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Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Niqresh, Dr. Tareq N. Hashem, Dr. Heba Al-Malahmeh


Marketing knowledge has proven to be of great importance as it represents one of the promising areas affecting the future of libraries and its services. In addition, Marketing knowledge and information has demonstrated the possibility of providing libraries with the opportunity to facilitate user access to their services, apart from organizing and keeping pace with technological developments. Based on that, current study aimed at examining the extent of national libraries interest in marketing knowledge and information from students' perspective. Depending on quantitative approach, (397) students participated in an online questionnaire and SPSS was employed in order to screen and analyze data.Descriptive statics, MANCOVA test and one sample t test were used. Results of study indicated that national libraries have good level of awareness regarding knowledge and information marketing, in addition to that, results were able to highlight that IT infrastructure formed a good level of importance for libraries as IT supports services presented by libraries especially for distant clients "users", in addition to that, it was found out that individuals benefit from library services' management appraoches in different levels according to their research needs where PhD candidates and students appeared to have more benefit compared to other levels. Current study served as an approach for libraries and librarians to identify the most influential marketing strategies for their services, study recommended the need to search for new methods of marketing the traditional library services and to study many alternatives for beneficiaries' access to information.

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