The Impact of the COVID – 19 Pandemic on Socio-Economic

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Dr. Nguyen Minh Tri, Dr. Luu Thanh Tam


COVID - 19 pandemic has affected comprehensively and extensively all over the world and continues to develop very complicatedly. The global economy fell into serious recession in all sectors. Vietnam is a country with a large openness and deep international integration that has suffered many impacts, seriously affecting all socio-economic fields, causing disruption of supply chains and trade flows. trade, delay production, business and service activities; has direct impacts on the import, export, aviation, tourism, health, education, labor, and employment industries; many businesses go bankrupt, dissolve, suspend operations, shrink their scale... In that context, the Vietnamese government as well as other countries have acted quickly and drastically, with synchronous measures to ensure economic development goals with social development goals.

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