A Secure Speech Communication Framework for the Embedded System Powered by the High-Frequency Technique – A Study

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Prashnatita Pal, Bikash Chandra Sahana, Jayanta Poray


Cryptography is the art of information protection so that only those for whom the information is meant can able to read and process. It is the science or technique of transforming a message known as ‘Encryption’ and then re-transform the message back to its original form called ‘Decryption’. Cryptography is of two types, namely symmetric key and asymmetric key cryptography. For the development of this paper, we have used asymmetric key cryptography with eight different sound signals. These signals are recognized using Python script and then is matched with the original signals, it will be encrypted using the ElGamal algorithm, a type of asymmetric key cryptography encryption technique. The encrypted message is digitized and sent through a channel towards the receiver end with the help of the High-Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) modulation. At the receiver end, the signal is demodulated and then decrypted to obtain the original signal. This signal aimed to match with the original voice signal that was encrypted and sent from the transmitter. The equality ratio turns out to be around 70%. Finally, in this work, it has been established that a voice signal can be easily verified and communicated from one end to another using a secure communication framework.

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