Can Physical Activity Reduce Perceived Psychological Stress? A study among Sultan Qaboos University Students in Oman

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Manal Al-Fazari, Mahmood Almaawali, Mahmoud Ibrahim Abdalla


This research aims at examining the relationship between physical activity and perceived psychological stress among Sultan Qaboos University students with some variables using specific questionnaires designed for the purpose of this study. The sample included 222 male and female students from different science and humanities colleges (2018-2019 summer academic enrollment). The findings showed that the majority of the students expressed a medium level of physical activity (48.9%) and moderate psychological stress (50%). Significant relationships between the physical activity, gender and college (scientific versus humanities) were found. However, gender and college did not significantly correlate with students’ reported psychological stress. Significant relationship was found between physical activity and reported psychological stress among students with high level of physical activity as they were more likely to express low level of psychological stress. Findings also found that psychological pressure levels could be predicted by physical activity levels.

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