Consumers’ Behavior towards Ready -To - Eat Breakfast Cereals: A Review and Future Research Agenda

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Dr. Simi Simon, Dr. B. Murali Manohar


RTE breakfast cereals belong to the category of foods that have a prolonged shelf life. They are designed in such a way to consume straight from the packet which does not require any further preparation. Ready To Eat [RTE] Breakfast cereal is considered a highly competitive market because of its presence in the national and international markets.  The current research is a systematic review of literature that focuses on the scientific findings in consumer behavior towards the food segment of RTE Breakfast Cereals [RTEBC]. Twenty-six relevant consumer behavior studies published between 2000 and 2020 were selected for this review. The Alphabet theory was applied as a theoretical framework to analyze the findings from the review.

Emerging markets of RTE markets like India is unique with its unorganized markets in several categories, low penetration rates, and a huge mass of consumers at the lower end.  The presence of big retail players has also contributed to the increased demand for RTE food products in the country. It’s evident from the review that consumer behavior varies with situations, time and regions. Demographic factors along with other considerable aspects are always a concern for the manufacturers and marketers as it contributes for changes in consumption patterns of consumers. The review is not restricted to geographical area but analyzed all observed elements across countries that are leading to the buying behavior of RTEBC. From the review it’s implicit that there is a wide scope for future research to clearly comprehend the position of each factor. The review will help the growing economies to understand the potential of RTEBC market and to focus on the more influential aspects for a better market penetration.

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