The Influence of Superior Integrated Model Learning Strategy and Content toward the Cognitive Skills of Kindergarten Students in Prembun Wonosobo Regency

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Lilis Madyawati, et al.


Early Childhood is the golden age in which stimuli is really important for the children’s growth. Cognitive skill is one of the children’s development aspects needs to be well stimulated during the childhood. In this context, however, researchers found that there was a problem with the cognitive skill development of children aged 5-6. Some students do not know the initial numbers and counting. Even worse, there was a lack of learning strategy and learning content to enhance the children’s cognitive skill. Intending to know the influence of Superior Integrated Model learning strategy and content toward the cognitive skills of Kindergarten students in Prembun Wonosobo Regency, we conducted an experimental research, which employed 66 students as the subjects. The performance test was conducted to collect the data, which is then analyzed by using one sample t test. The result showed that Superior Integrated Model significantly influence the students’ cognitive skills. The learning strategy and learning content of Superior Integrated Model is effective to enhance the early-aged students’ cognitive skill.

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