The Relationship between Li River Painting and Cultural Ecology of Li River Basin in Guangxi Province, China

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Xie Yuxuan, Supachai Singyabuth, Peera Phanlukthao


Li River painting records the changes in the ecological environment in the Li River Basin. The development process of Li River painting also reflects the cultural transformation of the Li River Basin. Li River painting is like a mirror, reflecting the cultural and ecological connotation of Li River. The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between Li River Painting and cultural ecology in different historical periods. Over the years, researchers have mostly focused on the perspective of art on Li River painting and have neglected to study the Li River painting and its cultural context. In the present study, we have employed the concept of cultural ecology to develop new academic dissemination of Li River painting. Also, the relationship between Li River Painting and cultural ecology, the development of Li River Painting, and its influence on Li River people and society from the perspective of cultural ecology. Li River painting contributes ample cultural and ecological information on the Li River basin. Li River painting is the combination of Li River natural ecology and human society, it is changing with the development of ecology, culture, and human society.

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