The Correlation between Peer Conformity, Time Management and Online Game Addiction in Senior High School Students

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Ganjar Suargani, Muslikah


This study aims to examine the correlation between peer conformity and time management with online game addiction on students. This research is correlation quantitative. Subjects were 100 students using purposive sampling and random sampling. Data was obtained by the Peer Conformity Vignettes, Time Management Behaviour Scale, and Gaming Addiction Scale. Validity rate on all of the instruments was high with the level of error 5%, as well as the reliability of the instruments which was also high. The data analysis technique used multiple regression analysis. The results showed that there was a significant correlation between peer conformity and online game addiction (R=0.493; F (2.970) =15.546; p=<0.01). Between time management and online game addiction there is also a significant relationship (R=0.105; F (4.930) =4.142; p=<0.05). Similar results between peer conformity and time management also had a significant relation with online gaming addiction (R=0.598; F (6,930) =8,615; p=<0.01). It can be concluded the lower peer conformity and higher time management, the lower online games addiction among students, and otherwise. The variables of peer conformity, time management and contribute towards the online games addiction.

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