Measuring the Mental Wellbeing of E-Workers and Its Impact on E-Work Life Balance during COVID-19 Pandemic

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R. Ranjitha, et al.


The 2020 coronavirus outbreak has turned into a pandemic that threatens the global health, thereby promoting the concentration of studies in measuring the mental wellbeing of e-workers and its impact on e-work life balance, which has not been adequately addressed. The study examines how e-working promotes to cope up with work demands and family responsibilities. The study is conducted with 142 e-working professionals and in a different position. The impact of e-working cannot be underestimated since an employee has to maintain the family and satisfy the work boundaries have become more challenging. There is a need to balance employees' mental wellbeing, which may otherwise have negative consequences causing underperformance and increased emotional exhaustion. This study also attempts to determine the factors such as organizational support required for e-work life balance and ways to mitigate the balance and mental wellbeing in a better manner.

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