The Inclusive Education: An Islamic Education Perspective

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A. Akrim, Emilda Sulasmi


This article discussed about the inclusive education in the perspective of Islamic education, the issue of the study is the Islamic perspective in its epistemological dimension. The method in this study is a qualitative research with a library research approach (literature study), the study focused on the literature relating to the dynamics of educational development in the perspective of inclusive education. The discussion explained that inclusive education in Islam is in line with the main teachings of Islam itself as a blessing for the universe, to be able to apply it to the field of education, it is necessary to do and develop the basic principles of the creation of humans as caliphs. The main principle is balance which includes the balance of human creation, the environment and the universe. Therefore, denying the creation of humans with deficiencies exist actually also means denying the existence of humanity, relevant to the basic Islamic principles regarding human beings that are not judged from social status, culture, and also physical conditions

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