References for Receiving Explicit and Implicit Knowledge in the Holy Quran

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Dr. Huda Abbas Kanber AL-Saadi, Dr. Amal Fadel Abbas


The research aims to explain the References of receiving the explicit and implicit knowledge mentioned in the Noble Qur’an. The two researchers adopted the documentary and inductive approach to study the topic. Among the conclusions of the research: The Noble Qur’an dealt with many terms and concepts that refer to the References of making explicit knowledge available, including books, which were represented by the divine books (the Qur'an, the Torah, the Zabur and the Gospel) and their concepts (the book, the Qur'an, the guidance, the remembrance, the revelation, the light, the newspapers, the plates). He dealt with many concepts that refer to the References of providing tacit knowledge, which was represented by the communication between two or more persons, whether between Allah Almighty and humans or between human beings themselves, which were represented by speech, dialogue, communication, consultation, or discourse on a specific topic. And terms that refer to the concept of tacit knowledge and its References, including the oral messages addressed to humans from Allah Almighty that are transmitted by the messengers to them and include the teachings of Allah. And terms of news, science and perception that show the reality of some things, the environment and their understanding, and the conditions of Muslims and nations, past and present.

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