The Impact of the Two Movements of Facilitation and Renewal on Arabic Grammar: Criticism and Direction

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Dr. Mohammed Abdulredha Fayyad


The two movements of facilitation and renewal that emerged in the last century and the cry of Ibn Mudha 592 AH before them were more directives than a proxy, despite the difference between facilitation and renewal, as facilitation works on the external forms of grammatical structures and present them easily and easily to learners, and renewal is a movement intended to read Grammar is systematic in its fundamentals and looking at it from multiple angles, for it is the revolution of Ibn illuminated by other methods. These two movements through teaching and curricula have led to an aversion to language more than its acceptance, whether, at the level of higher education, primary studies, or early education, and accordingly this research discusses the truth of the matter.In terms of the influence and influence and the extent of benefit that occurred from these two movements at the level of the people of the Arabic language and the search for other means that help the language to restore its prestige and power between the members of the Islamic and Arab community and do we need facilitation or renewal or do we need a society that is aware of the value of its language and its existence, regardless of the phenomena of difficulty.

The Arab Islamic mind, when elected to carry the divine holiness represented by the Holy Quran, and carried the purified spirit of prophecy that accompanies our existence in every time and place and the great impact From the honoured companions, these motives need a new renaissance within the Arab and Islamic society, and this renaissance at the forefront of which is the Arabic language to be the language of knowledge, as it is the vessel that carried the Holy Qur'an this holy book in which we find the dimensions of all life. When we read it we remain in front of a book we do not know how to classify it is it a book Language, literature, economics, history, geography, politics, or medicine. Say what you want to find in Arabic. So when the sacred is in your language, make sure that this language will have enemies that will not rest until they degrade its true value, so we need more awareness of what it is. Facilitate or renew.

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