Persecution of the Intellectual and His Translation of a Novelist: Model of Novel Bookseller

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Nour Jawad Kazem Al-Karkoushi


The relationship of literature with society is a reflection of the writer's relationship with his community, his awareness of what is going on around him of problems, and his belief in dealing with them, and not delving into them and presenting them to the eyes of witnesses only, as well as seeking to increase the awareness of members of his community of the causes of these problems and ways to prevent them in the future. From this, it can be said that the writer's relationship with his society is interactive, which his literature translates through establishing the good and banishing the corrupt, without his social function taking him away from the framework and elements of the artistic work.

Because what he says is not normal, and if it was normal, he would not be distinguished from members of the people, and a writer cannot perform his job far from the artistic foundations of creativity, such as imagination, vision, appropriate style and perception of what he expresses, and draws it with his freedom away from obligation, as he is responsible to history for every word he expressed about her. Therefore, my research will be within the focus of The Role of Linguistic and Literary Studies in the Development of Community Awareness, under the title (Persecution of the Intellectual and his Narrative Translation) - the novel of the bookseller's murder as a model - as the research will deal with (the persecution of the intellectual by the authority), by presenting their suffering and what they suffer from The suppression of the ruling regime if it is contrary to their whims, and (the persecution of the intellectual by the society itself) by shedding light on the class whose actions simulate the actions of the ruling authority, through the types of persecution that the intellectuals of Iraq are subjected to according to the current conditions.

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