Effects of School Leadership on Students' Outcome: A Case Study of the School's Directors in Jerash

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Dr. Fayez A. S.


The last three decades have witness several education modifications projected to increase the standards of students' success. These modifications have brought about school leadership becoming of immense significance in global education. This significance arises from a perception that school leadership can considerably affect the value of teaching and learning in their schools, and accordingly, student success, by enhancing the working circumstances of their teachers, and the environment and ambiance of their schools. Many leadership theories have been put forward in academic related literature, with instructional and transformational leadership as the favorite models. This paper will evaluate the influence of both instructional and transformational leadership models on enhancing students' outcomes. This evaluation will be done through three vital points of focus - teaching and learning, the Joint development of schools' vision and goals, and knowledge of and engagement with external factors affecting their school.

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