Understanding the Dynamism of Employee Commitment and Retention in Context to Talented Employees in Indian Organisations

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Dr. Rakesh Kumar Bhati, Ajit Kumar Borde


The prime purpose of human resource in an organization is to research, recruit, select and retain core employees so as to enable them to compete them in the global business markets environment. In the emerging integrated global economy, the ‘war for talent’ is intensifying, companies have been increasingly concerned about retaining their most important soft resource i.e., core competent human resource. To ensure sustainability and the development of the organization to face the dynamism of business and to maintain its triple bottom organizations must find and attract appropriate talent pools of human resources, develop and retain talented people so that they can drive the orgnisations through their physical and creative mental efforts. Various studies have revealed that practices related to human resource management are the most crucial factors that influence employee’s retention in any organization. The concept of just having a “good workplace” by an employer as the means to retain employees is no longer a primary aspect. In the changing times professional social networking platform like LinkedIn the star performers are literally just a message away from being snatched from the team on which organizations have worked so hard to build. The research paper makes an attempt to the understand of the relationship between core employee commitment, retention and certain factors of human resource management in Indian Organisations.

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