Digital Education: A New Learning Paradigm

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Dr. Taruna Anand


The digital education—an interdisciplinary field that uses digital technologies and methods in all streams of education, has opened new techniques of teaching. Digital education allows anyone and anything to connect in any way; where technology is open, neutral and consistent. We may be struggling with certain fears or problems that prevent us from having effective deliberations in the classroom. Being confident in yourself and your own disciplinary knowledge, will help you to resist the fear of failure or change. The use of adequate digital resources and materials is critical to successful teaching and learning. There have been rapid and widespread changes in technology: learning management system, website technology, cloud storage, smart mobile apps, collaborative productivity software and multimedia sharing. The millennials are engrossed in many tasks and are comfortable with multimedia enjoyment. They thrive on interaction and have little tolerance for traditional communication methods as exemplified by the word ‘lecture’. The emergence of online learning environments and Web-based course activities has significantly contributed to the recognition that we need a better understanding of the conditions and means for achieving effective learning. Digital education gives learning a new relevance to contemporary society, professional and industry practice.

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