The Impact of Human Resource Management Capabilities in Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

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Ragaa Q. L. Al – Maliky


     The aim of the research is to in terms of concept and characteristics, and to demonstrate organizational effectiveness, mechanisms and methods of activating it, as well as to identify the impact of the capabilities of human resources management in enhancing organizational effectiveness, and for the purpose of achieving the goal of the research, the research sought, in its practical side, to adopt the descriptive and analytical approach through Designing a questionnaire to show the significant relationship between the research variables, using the statistical analysis method for the questionnaire and analyzing it using the statistical methods represented by percentages, frequencies, arithmetic mean, , regression analysis and global analysis. (79) questionnaire forms were distributed that included The higher administrative departments of the National Security Agency outlets department, of which (70) valid forms were returned, and the research reached a set of conclusions, the most important of which was the existence of a relationship of influence of human resource management controls on organizational effectiveness, and this indicates that the traditional personnel management function is insufficient and insufficient. Developed to overcome uncertainty in the environment, the needs of workers, and the nature of change J work. The transformation to human resources management did not result from the ideas of researchers or the expectations of practitioners, but rather came as a result of the results of the search for competitive advantage, achieving organizational excellence, developing employees, developing the skills of managers, training work teams to add value to business, and that reaching organizational effectiveness is a difficult task, and that the key to action That is an understanding of the environment in which the organization operates, and according to this understanding, managers will know and find the right path for the organization, because it is itself in that environment.

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