Construction of Identity in the Song of Solomon

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Mr. G. Anburaj , Dr. T. Mangayarkarasi


This research paper is aimed at disentangling the breadcrumbs left by Toni Morrison (Chloe Anthony Wofford Morrison) Nobel prize winner, esteemed and celebrated American novelist of Song of Solomon, her third publication. Song of Solomon addresses the situation of the African American community and turns the light on discrepancies between black and white people. We hope to understand and decipher these clues/breadcrumbs by using the theory of identity construction. Identity construction has been a topic of great interest to many researchers. Artists of every field have always expressed themselves using vast techniques and metaphors which aim to paint a picture which goes many levels deeper than what appears to the naked eye, which is exactly the case with the Song of Solomon, from Milkman’s need to fly to Pilate’s lack of navel, are clues which are left for us to decipher and give an experience which is unique to the person reading. We aim to make that process a lot simpler and easy to understand using the concept of identity construction. This research paper is meant to understand the same story under different lenses and hence under different perspectives which lead to the subdivisions made below. We have divided the paper into three subsections of identity construction: character, Toni Morrison and the victims of racism.

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