Barber's Typological Analysis of President Erdogan and President Putin

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Abdulmelik Alkan,


This research attempts to compare of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin’s personality traits according to James David Barber typologies of leadership styles. Both leaders are enigmatic, powerful and controversial in their country political life and on the world stage. Thus, research pursues to find out the similarities and differences between two leaders who hail from different countries using Barber theory. Barber theory consists of 4 categorizations composed of active -positive, active -negative- passive-positive and passive-negative. Barber formulated this typology for the USA presidents to analyses their decision-making process and policy outcomes in association with their personality style. For such method, the data is acquired from the leader’s autobiography, leadership traits and environment. Utilizing the Barber typology, the research attempt to describe both non-western leaders’ traits and find out the answers for the question, Does such typology work for analyzing both leaders?

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