An Efficient Method for Smart Meter Privacy To Prevent Wastage And Misuse Of Electricity

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Saikumar vagmuri, et. al.


Force is one of the most critical resources of essentialness in the whole world. As the benefit is confined, a careful step should be taken to restrict misuses and wastage of intensity. In the area of power metering the going with design is clear these days: Utilities require an undeniably unpredictable portion system to empower the portion methodology for imperativeness. There is a measurable example to advance from a fixed-rate charging to a time of-usage charging. Secure prepaid meters may be used hence. These sorts of intensity meters give the customer a more critical order over their capacity bills. The fundamental and ordinary norm of prepayment in imperativeness meters is to buy essentialness credit early and to light up the prepaid meter by tapping the NFC card on the meter. This suggests customers pick how much essentialness they need and need to eat up. This is the basic qualification in appear differently in relation to standard power meters (considering fixed-rate charging trades), where the customer

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