The Role of Decorative Design In Reviving The Aesthetics Of The Gulf Architectural Heritage

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Mohammed K. Kamel , et. al.


The current research is an attempt to shed light on the aesthetics of architectural heritage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia emanating from the Gulf architecture, which experienced different historical ages that produced a distinctive traditional architecture, rich in its features and spaces and decorations that make it such a fertile source for creativity and innovation in the arts. In line with the social role of art education in preserving heritage arts and raising awareness about its importance. The research has followed an experimental methodology based on the utilization of aesthetics and architectural values ​​of the Gulf heritage in general and Saudi Arabia, especially after analyzing and evaluating them in the decorative design course, through teaching a mini-teaching unit for the students of art education in the university aiming to highlight the aesthetics of the Saudi architectural heritage as a source of artistic creativity in the field of decorative design.

The research has come out with a set of results that contribute to the revival of the Gulf architectural heritage and highlight its aesthetics and its validity for artistic treatment as a fertile source for renewed creativity and linking the learner with his cultural roots.

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