Dilemma of Career Decision among young generation from Family Business- a Qualitative Study

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Subhendu Kumar Mishra, et. al.


Career issues in family business has a greater significance in explaining its transgenerational sustainability. The career decisions of next generation members in a family business is trivial and influenced by a myriad factors. Growing in a family business can be both a facilitating and inhibiting factor for career choice. It often leads to a dilemma in either pursuing a career in the family business or outside. While many studies have attempted to explain the career intention of the second generation members of a family business, this study made an attempt to explore the dilemma involved in career decision among graduate students to either join their family business or start on their own. The family businesses are small and midsized. The study draws from the social cognitive theory and social cognitive career theory in explaining the dilemma in career decision making.

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